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Campground management ridge
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Restroom of the hall
  • Campground management ridge

    ▲ Yamanakako Public Campground

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  • ▲ B-11 site

  • ▲ B-13 site

  • ▲ Restroom of the hall

Yamanakako Public Campground

The campground which can taste nature itself

 Campground for exclusive use of tent in forest of Yamanaka lakeside. Tent site is divided into four blocks and can set up 100 of them in total. Restroom and cooking ridge are located to each block and perform rental of equipment. Reservations of campground site are 15 site 30,000 yen ..., 35 site 60,000 yen by possibility, too. Around site is not maintained very much, and nature is in condition to just remain.
 Management ridge serves as lodge, and it is with bunk bed, and there are there 12 room, 48 room, and reservations are possible, too. Besides, facilities such as assembly room or shower are enriched, too.
 As auto camp is not possible, please carry baggage with human power from parking lot, but please use if vacant as you loan bicycle-drawn cart at campground when there is much baggage.

[opening period] Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, from July 1 to September 30 of from May to June

[inquiry, reservation window] 
    Yamanakako Public Campground office TEL during opening period: 0555-62-0146
    Open period diplomacy style plaza "kirara" management ridge TEL: 0555-20-3111

[the location] 〒 401-0502 506-296, Hirano, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi

[application method] You download application in the following expression site, and, after filling out the requirements, please send by FAX. We accept reservation from April 1 of the year.

[preliminary inspection] When facilities plan by preliminary inspection, please contact window in local one which you will show.

[facilities] Management ridge (lodge)
 ■Office, stand
 ■Assembly room (there are 80 storable desks)
 ■Accommodation room (possible bunk bed, 60)
[facilities] Camping area
 ■Cooking ridge (six), rest room ridge (five)
 ■Tent site (possible 100)
 ■Campfire circle (three)
 ■Barbecue corner (eight)
 ■Promenade (1,400m)
 ■Parking lot (20)
 ■Pet carry-on impossibility
[rental equipment]
 ■40 tents (for four)
 ■40 pieces of Schlafsacks (for camping)
 ■110 pieces of blankets (for lodge)
 ■Cookware mess kit, pan, yakiniku iron plate, kettle

The lodge (a night) public: 1,000 yen, high school: 800 yen, the small, average: 700 yen
Campground 1 site: 1,000 yen per person per night: 500 yen

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