Old tale of Yamanakako Nature and history of Village of Yamanakako

Old tale of YamanakakoOld tale of Yamanakako Nature and history of Village of Yamanakako
Let's learn nature and the history of Yamanakako!

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Old tale of LESSON 05 Yamanakako

Red cow (akaushi) of the gagyuko

We are proud of Yamanakako in various aspects "most" in Fuji Five Lakes!
It was old days, and it might not rain in Village of Yamanakako how many days either. Both field and mountain dry up, and it is said that well water did not appear. Red cow was kept in village, but, as for this poor red cow, both throat and skin have dried up entirely. We let you pulled red beef in lake, and villager who thought miserably was crowded and soak in water to neck.

Then how about? The empty other side became overcast suddenly, and the tto rain has begun to fall. It was right rainfall eagerly longed for.
Red cow was pleased to soak itself in lake, and God understood the appreciation. So rainfall eagerly longed for was brought…
When did villagers come to believe in this way without? When drought continued, after from that, we came to let you drew red beef into lake in village and bathe. Then, rainfall eagerly longed for seemed to be brought strangely.

Even if I came to call Yamanakako "Gagyuko", I am informed by the origin of the red cow it.
When look at Yamanakako from mountain, cow just bathes comfortably, and lie down; have a shape.