Fishing: Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako

FishingFishing: Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako
We can enjoy fishing in Yamanakako through one year. We are absorbed in fishing while looking at Mt.Fuji including large-mouth bass fishing and pond smelt fishing!

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From bus fishing to pond smelt! An introduction to fishing in the Yamanakako

Cozy atmosphere is popular Yamanakako for angler. It is kingdom of fishing that many ways of enjoying were jam-packed closely here. Fishing to sit in pier while looking at Mt.Fuji and swan, and to enjoy leisurely. Fresh-water smelt fishing in winter frozen surface of a lake. In addition, we can enjoy game with buses of the Yamanakako breeding by lure fishing becoming boom recently. People who think that person who does not know the powerful charm seems to be somehow interesting in fishing are these corners, and fishing in Yamanakako, please still make a plan.

To lose change in Yamanakako…

We purchase today's ticket (general 600 yen, junior high student, 70 years or older, woman 300 yen, primary schoolchild for free) with "play fishing ticket" in boat shop, minisuper becoming designated place of Village of Yamanakako fishermen's association for rent. But you must pay rate of double of today's ticket rate to play Ryoba watchman when you purchase on the site. After purchasing play fishing ticket, they can lose change in lakeside, and people who want to do boat fishing borrow boat in boat shop for rent.
Fishing point of Yamanakako

Fishing point of Yamanakako and fish to be able to catch

Large-mouth bass/Black Bass

Large-mouth bass/Black Bass
Typical fish eater (fish eating fish). With excellent appetite, strength of pull is outstanding, too. Therefore it is quite popular fish which everybody wants to catch, and goes all out. A certain big bus inhabits Yamanakako 50 centimeters, 60 centimeters or more. We will aim at big bus since the days of same fishing runara, beginner.

Fresh-water smelt/Pond Smelt

Fresh-water smelt/Pond Smelt
Wandering fish which crowds, and swims. When it is strongly winter in cold water, to eat bait lively, the early spring is season of fresh-water smelt fishing from late fall. If surface of a lake freezes, we can enjoy on the ice fishing. It is small fish from 5 centimeters to around 10 centimeters, but warn when you raise if you can catch as mouth is weak. There is pleasure of fishing different from lure fishing again in delicious fresh-water smelt change even if we eat.

Bluegill/Blue Gill

Bluegill/Blue Gill
It is origin of the name that there is green rising beside gills. In spite of being figure that is light at approximately 15 centimeters in length, pull is relatively strong. We are interested in bait working than bait which stopped with ferocious property. Soba of obstacle including pier is point.


As carp chases bait lively when we begin wintering preparations for 4-5 these past months and from September to October before laying eggs, we can catch well. It is familiar fish to be able to catch in each places of the whole country, but there is higher body, and pulling is strong. After all, fishing is fun! It is King of freshwater fish letting you realize this.

Even beginner can enjoy empty-handed!

We can rent most of the fishing gears locally! Change in Yamanakako goes empty-handed and can enjoy. From life jacket, fishing rod, bait to boat!
But please perform measures that you matched in hat and season in individuals outdoors as you stay for a long time.

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Yamanakako - four seasons ...

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