Diamond Fuji Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako

Diamond FujiDiamond Fuji Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako
"Diamond Fuji" which colonized as winter representative scenery. At moment when the sun is piled up on the Fuji mountaintop, miraculous superb view wraps you up.

Village of Yamanakako sightseeing section

SCENE 05 Diamond Fuji

The sun is piled up on the Fuji mountaintop! The mysterious superb view

Period From mid-October through the end of February

At first, what is "Diamond Fuji?" We explain toward the beginner called this clearly. "Diamond Fuji" means phenomenon to glisten like diamond at moment when the sun is piled up on the Fuji mountaintop. Diamond Fuji which it becomes the sunrise in at sunset that the sun is piled up on the Fuji mountaintop, but is seen in Yamanakako is at sunset. We come by observation during period for approximately about four and a half months from autumn to winter in season. Many people come very for a long term as sacred place of Diamond Fuji by being seen. ※We can see "Diamond Fuji" as well as Yamanakako at many places including Lake Tanuki of Shizuoka.

Preparations to see Diamond Fuji

Yamanakako is highland of about 1,000m above sea level. Cold protection measures well!

Yamanakako is plateau zone of about 1,000m above sea level. It becomes below the freezing point at night of the depth of winters in particular. Observation time of Diamond Fuji in Yamanakako is the evening, but cold protection measures are required. Temperature rapidly falls in the daytime even if warm when the sun sets in the mountaintop. Place that you can look at in spite of being residence is in car, but you prepare by all means, and please go out as you must move on foot at most places. In addition, shoes should avoid thing, leather shoes that heel is high as there are many bad places of footing in the beach of the lakefront. There are a lot of tourist facilities around Yamanakako, too. After having finished seeing, it warms body in spa facility, and it may be good we stay in accommodation for one night, and to enjoy nature slowly. We prepare well, and let's enjoy "Diamond Fuji" comfortably to have good memory! We introduce that there is from standard features as follows to convenient goods.

About period, time with a view of Diamond Fuji

February when weather is relatively stable is recommended

We can see Diamond Fuji seen in Yamanakako in period of rank for the mid-October and the end of February. We begin in Mikuni mountain pass, and Diamond Fuji over lake is finished through Hirano, Nagaike from Asahigaoka once near hotel mount Fuji bottom. Afterwards, we are seen in Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park) for approximately one and a half months and return by conventional route after winter solstice. We can observe for approximately four and a half months, but weather does not become stable very much in from October to December, and it is difficult to see beautiful Diamond Fuji. When it is "Diamond Fuji" purpose and comes from distant place, you prepare for weather, and come. As for the person living in area relatively nearby in Village of Yamanakako, what move after seeing Mt.Fuji live camera "Zekkei-kun" installed in Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara may be good. ※In place, time for following list, it is just reference data.

Diamond Fuji guide map

1. Panoramic viewing platform neighborhood

October 16 Around 16:22 February 25 Around 16:50
Flat halfway up a mountain of Mikuni mountain pass consults prefectural road toward the Oyama-cho area from Hirano district. Extreme popularity spot of Mt.Fuji shooting that we expect Yamanakako under eyes and can watch as well as Mt.Fuji to the Southern Alps. We begin to see Diamond Fuji in Yamanakako near this panoramic viewing platform from the middle of October and finish being here at the end of February. Road surface freezes up in winter and attaches studless tire as run with normal tire is dangerous, and, for gap, come.

2. Asahigaoka lakeside

October 18 Around 16:08 February 22 Around 16:35
It is after winter solstice and is place where Diamond Fuji over lake is seen in last first before winter solstice. As there is Asahigaoka district lakeside Parkland including one of superb view spots "Yuyake no Nagisa" of Yamanakako chosen as election for Japanese 100, Nagisa popular Hirano near at spot of atmosphere different from Nagaike district again, what we continue sunset after shooting and see may be good. It is place that it is easy to photograph as the beach is large.

3. Hirano lakeside

October 27 Around 16:03 February 16 Around 16:33
So as to compete for the first place second place in shooting point of Yamanakako which can look at inverted image of Mt.Fuji; popular point. Interesting scene that zura - tto photographers line up along the lakeside at time of Diamond Fuji is here Nara. Forthcoming person, please go out in shooting purpose early. If it is lucky, and there is not wind, and surface of a lake is in a flat state, we may see Diamond Fuji reflected in surface of a lake together. Popular name "double Diamond Fuji."

4. Hirano lakeside 2

October 31 Around 16:00 February 11 Around 16:29
Point that slipped off toward the edge of Hirano lakeside. It is point to become opening after the winter solstice in the Hirano district last before winter solstice. The feature of this neighborhood is that space of the comparative beach is large in Diamond Fuji shooting spot, and various places of many photographers and tourists come. Mountain pass (forest of mom) of the Nagaike area has characteristic of this neighborhood on the foot of Mt.Fuji and is scenery different from point of the kirara side again. (cf. photograph)

5. Mama no mori area

November 03 Around 15:48 February 08 Around 16:19
One of representative place of taking picture of Nagaike district spot. The feature is that Mt.Fuji looks big from Hirano district and can see magnificent scenery of Mt.Fuji over lake. As lakeside has little parking space narrowly in the Nagaike district, you park in Water Park and should leave for point on foot. As width is narrow, please stop parking in sites such as on-the-street parking or private house, accommodation without permission. We will follow manner!

6. Nagaike lakeside

November 06 Around 15:44 February 05 Around 16:13
Many people are equal, and they look at Diamond Fuji in cycling road here. The beach is slightly small, but can go down from the park side. There is parking lot, too, but please go out early as congestion is expected. As width is narrow, please stop parking in sites such as on-the-street parking or private house, accommodation without permission. We will follow manner!

7. Oike Beach

November 13 Around 15:33 January 30 Around 16:03
This district is feeding ground of swan, and wild birds are seen a lot including swan. Why don't it be lucky? We may photograph Mt.Fuji, lake, Diamond Fuji of swan. Mt.Fuji is near and is one of the popular shooting spots. We see the lakefront of Yamanaka district clearly, too. The beach is place that it is easy to photograph widely, too.

8. Yanajiri area

November 15 Around 15:30 January 27 Around 15:55
We can confirm a little in Yamanaka district at panoramic viewing platform, Asahigaoka, Hirano, Nagaike and the circumference, this time. It is point that Mt.Fuji can greatly see in Diamond Fuji judging from Yamanakako most. It can easily fall in the beach, but is slightly small place. This neighborhood features the beach lengthening toward Mt.Fuji lengthwise. As parking lot has a free parking lot in lakeside near the bowling alley, please use that one.

9. Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park)

The end of November and mid-January From 15:23 to 15:46
We can confirm in one, "Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park)" of popular spot of Yamanakako in large site until around the middle for from the end of November to January. Diamond Fuji seen in Yamanakako (flower does not bloom in recent parks) returns on way which we pointed to panoramic viewing platform this time after around December 22 in winter solstice. It is the only place that Yamanakako steps over year in season, and can look at Diamond Fuji for approximately four months.

Manner at the time of Diamond Fuji observation

About on-the-street parking

Many people visit Yamanakako every year to observe Diamond Fuji. Parking lot of the neighborhood of observation point is buried on the weekend, and on-the-street parking is outstanding, too. As observation place of Diamond Fuji to see in Yamanakako is relatively small, and there is place where even observation space is not produced let alone parking lot, various places of group and family ride on, and come. In addition, please certainly stop on-the-street parking as you become annoying to customer of other tourists.

To photographers

As for the period of Diamond Fuji, favorite arrival every year many photographers; take a picture, and enjoy. However, on the other hand, the badness of manner of some photographers is outstanding. Scenery photograph includes beauty of plain nature in photograph, and cannot call photograph which "adding hand naturally" does "polluting nature", and was taken with scenery photograph. In addition, as for the Diamond Fuji, there is a lot of only little parking on the road with feeling to be over in instant. It is important to act with margin at time to take miraculous moment. Let's photograph the best work without worshiping nature, and forgetting feeling to live together!

Downloading: Diamond Fuji guide map

Place or time mentioned above are published. You download before outing, and please use.

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