Cycling: Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako

CyclingCycling: Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako
Cycling while it is blown by comfortable wind to blow from lake. Bicycle walk that is comfortable in cycling road maintained around lake, and is safe.

Village of Yamanakako sightseeing section

Cycling: Way of enjoying Village of Yamanakako

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Let's enjoy cycling in Village of Yamanakako!

Cycling road to be able to make about one lap of lakeside into in Village of Yamanakako is maintained. Do you not taste cool wind of lakeside, flavor of nature among green on bicycle? In addition, how about as various shops or experience-based facility are in village when we drop in aimlessly? Surely we think that memory of Village of Yamanakako only by you is possible. Moreover, Mt.Fuji which we can actually run in course of Tokyo 2020 Olympics bicycle race road race and jump into under my nose. Scenery of scenic beauty. We can experience refreshment to run in Nature! Do you not run? Olympics bicycle road race course.

Let's feel wind of plateau with Yamanakako go-around course to be able to enjoy to beginner ... professional widely!

We can enjoy even if we come empty-handed! Rent-a-bicycle

There is many rent-a-bicycle along the shore of Yamanakako and can enjoy cycling even if we come empty-handed. As type including bicycle of for two people is substantial from bicycle for children, please enjoy holiday to use. <photograph: cycling course map>

Spot where we do not come to if we have cycling of Yamanakako

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Yamanakako - four seasons ...

Spring: Spring Yamanakako

Summer: Summer Yamanakako

Autumun: Autumn Yamanakako

Winter: Winter Yamanakako