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Tamaki Miura "special mini-plan exhibition"

Special mini-plan exhibition "holding of prima donna ... which loved Yamanakako and Tamaki Miura - yamanakakoo"

 NHK consecutive telenovel "yell" that we are broadcasting now. Appearing as world-famous prima donna affecting heroine, the sound in that twin Tamaki Ura (Ko Shibasaki). We live in Yamanakako, and person who became her model is Tamaki Miura of opera singer representing Japan sleeping in Yamanakako.
 We trace figure in past days in ji* and Yamanakako of ring that it is called "madam butterfly" by display, and attracted the world from rich photograph or valuable handwriting information, testimony that there remained.

Exhibition period: From Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Wednesday, September 30 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    ※By people's opinion, exhibition period may be changed.
Venue: The forest Soho Tokutomi Museum seeing and hearing room of Yamanakako literature
Closed days: Every Monday, Tuesday (the next day in the case of holiday)
Admission charges: 500 yen high of adults, university student 300 yen small, junior high student 100 yen
    ※You can see by ticket common throughout Soho Tokutomi Museum, Yukio Mishima literature hall.
Inquiry: Forest Yukio Mishima literature building www.mishimayukio.jp of Yamanakako literature
TEL 0555-20-2655 FAX 0555-20-2656 Mail [email protected]

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The date
From July 1 to September 30
Holding place
Forest Soho Tokutomi Museum of Yamanakako literature
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Tamaki Miura special mini-plan exhibition
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