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Mt. Fuji Cup tennis meet

Tennis event "mount Fuji cup" along with challenge cup to be carried out in October. We hold every year in the first week in June. Meeting characterized by there being game with group fighting in addition to man and woman double by team of one set of six people. In addition, all participants (team, individual) games for deciding ranking are meetings to be able to enjoy tennis with all one's might for two days that there is, too.

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In addition to tournament of each men's doubles, women's doubles, we perform tournament of "game with double group" as one of the characteristics of mount wisteria cup. We perform men's doubles, women's doubles, true mixed in 1 team for 6 people. There are few large-scale meetings, and many players gather regardless of any people regardless of age or sex from the whole country to here.

Date from Saturday, June 1, 2019 to 2nd Sunday
Venue Yamanakako tennis resort
Even amateur, beginner participation qualification 16 years old or older can participate.
Use coat clay tennis court
The accommodations Hirano inn guest house association
Participation application deadline Sunday, May 19

Event basics information

The date
First Saturday and Sunday
Holding place
Hirano mount Fuji cup special event space
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Hirano inn guest house association
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