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2020 Yamanakako Mt.Fuji Snow Festival

Snow Wonderland to be able to enjoy both children and adults!
Fuji chevron slide and curling game, a lot of pleasure including play with snow zone. When we are cold, let's warm cool body with hot udon and curry, corn soup in hospitality market! In addition, on Saturday, February 15 during period, events such as ice candle Festival are held, too.

  • Product for families
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • There is light meal
  • Sports
"Yamanakako Mt.Fuji Snow Festival" is held in Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara!
We enjoy demystification stamp rally and curling game, play with snow, and it is carried a lot of by Fuji chevron slide.
As you sell warm eating and drinking in venue, come with family and friend.

Event basics information

The date
The early February and mid-February
Holding place
Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara "open field"
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2020 Yamanakako Mt.Fuji Snow Festival
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