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Yamanakako road race

Yamanakako road race is marathon event to be held in The Fuji foot of a mountain, one of Fuji Five Lakes Village of Yamanakako. In the end of May, it is performed in season when the fresh green is beautiful and is meeting that we want to recommend toward the naturalism runner who can enjoy Mt.Fuji and Nature with marathon by all means. There are one lap of Yamanakako (13.6km) and second kind of half marathon (21.0975km) and can enjoy from beginner to senior.

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One lap of start, time limit of half are 2 hours 45 minutes 15 minutes after start of half.
We run in young leave and flower along the fragrant lakeside of Malus Sieboldii. If weather is good, Mt.Fuji that the foot spreads out spreads in front. Please enjoy.

Meeting schedule: Sunday, May 31, 2020
Reception desk: From Wednesday, January 1, 2020 to Saturday, February 29
     (as for the details, please see official site)

Event basics information

The date
May 31
Holding place
Yamanakako junior high school (main venue)
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Sports Nippon road race secretariat TEL.0555-62-9105