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Yamanaka Myojin Anzan Matsuri

Festival "Anzan Matsuri" of Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine) that to grant one of the best children in Kanto, and there is benefit of easy delivery from ancient times. Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine) is also called alias Yamanaka Myojin, and God of the easy delivery protection, Princess Toyotama do with enshrined deity, and they are worshiped. It is said to woman of parishioner who carried mikoshi of night festival on the shoulder that easy delivery is promised and is known as festival that expectant mothers and newly-married women gather for a long time nationwide.

  • There is light meal
  • Tradition

Event basics information

The date
From 4 to 6 on September
Holding place
Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine)
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Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine)
Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine) TEL.0555-62-3952