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Yamanakako Fireworks Festival "Houkosai"

Yamanakako "Houkosai" which cuts the top of summer Fuji Five Lakes festival, and is opened up fireworks festival.
We are named "Houkosai" by great writer Soho Tokutomi and are performed as festival to give thanks and prayer to blessing of lake. We are divided into four districts, and various events are carried out each, and many people are fuddled with party of midsummer every year. Even if we are where in lake, we can enjoy fireworks festival.

Fireworks festival: From 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 (time varies according to plan, launching places)

  • Product for families
  • Photography
  • There is light meal
  • Tradition

Event basics information

The date
Holding place
We launch in 4 districts of Yamanaka, Asahigaoka, Hirano, Nagaike district
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