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Information for forum commemorative after the death of Yukio Mishima for 50 years

You make kyuhonamonshi of director acting as Yukio Mishima literature building memorial ambassador lecturer, and, titled "the dramatic life Yukio Mishima", please talk about the charm from original viewpoint.

It was plan on the deadline, but we propose and will extend period after the death of Yukio Mishima by 17:00 on Thursday, October 22 at announcement of extension, Friday, October 16 17:00 during commemorative forum Zoom participation application period for 50 years because capacity still has room.
In addition, we finished application acceptance as it reached capacity about venue participation frame. About details and application for event method, please see Yukio Mishima literature building HP.

  • Product for families
  • Tradition

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Yukio Mishima Literary Museum
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