Let's enjoy Yamanakako to Eco!

Cycling road which can go around lakeside in Yamanakako is maintained. Do you not taste wind of cool lakeside, smell of nature among green on bicycle? In addition, please stop aimlessly as there are various shops or experience-based facility on the way. Surely we think that memory of Yamanakako only by you is possible.

Let's feel the wind of the plateau in a Yamanakako go-around course

We can enjoy even if we come empty-handed! Rent-a-bicycle

As for several places, there is rent-a-bicycle person which we can borrow even if we go to Yamanakako empty-handed in lakeside.
As kind including bicycle of for two people is substantial from bicycle for children, please enjoy holiday to use.
Bicycle type Time Rate
One business One hour 700 yen
Half day 2,000 yen
1st 3,000 yen
Two business One hour 1,400 yen
Half day 3,000 yen
※ As rent-a-bicycle shop is several places in lakeside, rate is different each.
※ Rate is just indication.

Such a spot is recommended if we perform cycling of Yamanakako!

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